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What is Never Take It Off?

"The Never Take It Off Vow Bracelets were created to bring strength to the process of change and choice. Each piece comes with a list of vows to encourage the individual tying it on to never give up, never back down and never stop trying. Never take it off..." - Tommy Simms, President NTIO

NTIO is merch with meaning; a vehicle for Artists, Bands, Causes, Designers, Events, Friends and Groups to connect with each other and with supportive sponsors and fans (Friends). It is a new kind of merchandise line which not only raises funds for the artist, cause, event etc... but helps forward the message of your organization (ABCDEF or G) while at the same time supporting your fans goals and dreams with their own personalized vows. Our first product is the NTIO Vow Bracelet. While tying it on you make a vow then you "Never Take It Off" -which means you leave the bracelet on as long as you like but you never take off the vow.

Every bracelet comes with a customized "Vow List". For instance a band might have a different set of vows than a green organization or fans and friends can create their own vows with the poem provided.

The amazing thing is the purpose of the NTIO bracelet is different for everybody! Basically it’s a vow, pledge, commitment, or decision and the NTIO bracelet is simply a constant reminder of whatever that is for you.

The bracelets are also customized and designed in different colors for the Artists, Bands, Causes, Designers, Events, Friends or Groups. They are hand stamped with the NTIO logo plus the logo of the ABCDEF or G.

Coming Soon...

Every Artists, Bands, Causes, Designers, Events, Friends or Groups will also have a customized profile page on our website with a photo of their bracelet, and information about them plus a spot for mobile uploads with their fans wearing their bracelets. They can even sell their bracelets through our site and of course place a link or picture on their own site with one of our easy to use widgets. This will help good Causes connect with supportive artists and their fans.

The creators of NTIO are music, design and art lovers who wanted to provide an artistic way for Artists, Bands, Causes, Designers, Events, Friends or Groups to support themselves and each other through selling merch with meaning. So you might see Never Take it Off by Your Favorite Designer for The Feed the Children Foundation. Or you might just see Never Take it Off by Your Favorite Band.

Never Take It Off also offers special grants to Non Profit Organizations and donates bracelets to worthy causes for fund raisers and special events.

Never Take It Off is Merchandise with Meaning! Show your support, tie on your vow and Never Take It Off!

Juliet and Tommy Simms,
Founder and President @NeverTakeItOff
Instagram @NeverTakeItOff